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MyHaitiTravels (MHT) is a boutique concierge firm that coordinates high-quality travel services to Haiti for leisure and business purposes. Our representatives liaise with hotel/resort establishments, restaurants, and professional tour guides to provide unique experiences tailored to each client’s specific needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Our clients receive customized travel packages, and exemplary services, all facilitated by reliable professionals right in Haiti. All vendors and associates have been fully vetted and evaluated. Our goal is for all friends of Haiti to truly experience and enjoy Ayiti and all its glory.

At MyHaitiTravels you are family and your trip is designed as such. 

For general questions and information please contact us at:

The beautiful Caribbean port town of Jacmel was founded in 1698 by the French as the capital of the south eastern part of Haiti which the Taínos called Yaquimel. The City was developed to boost the sugar production and trade but soon it evolved as a coffee trading centre.  Before the earthquake Jacmel was one of Haiti’s wealthiest cities.

Jacmel is only a few hours from Port-au-Prince but is in another world. Jacmel is renowned for its carnival, film festival, talented artisans, colonial architecture, and serene waterfalls. Jacmel is one of the prettiest, most tranquil and romantic towns in Haiti. Experiences in Jacmel are truly unique and magical lending itself to an unforgettable vacation for all couples, singles and art lovers seeking a taste of Caribbean life in the cultural center of Haiti.

Our vision is to make Haiti the go-to destination for Americans seeking the perfect mix of civic and social interaction and French-Caribbean experiences. The package is for multicultural travelers seeking to:

  • Experience the intense cultural sensations of Haiti’s Taino, African, Latin, French, Asian and Native American ancestry.
  • Provide volunteer service on Project Day.
  • Explore the Caribbean island’s historic attractions and natural beauty.

Be part of this memorable journey.

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