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AC Apparel is a new upcoming clothing line with diverse tastes printed with high, quality screen prinited t-shirts.

With nowadays people thinking of themselves before others I wanted to create something that brings people together from diverse cultural backgrounds. After all we are all part of one race, the human race.

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish as fools." - Martin Luther King Jr.

 United We Stand.Divided We Fall.

Despite our currently small selection there are plenty more designs to come. Don't see your country or design you like. Feel free to inbox me for custom design requests.

black%20island%20boy.jpg - Island Boy T-Shirt Black

ac%20wearing%20island%20boy%20black.jpg - AC with friend wearing the Island Boy T-Shirt Black

white%20island%20boy.jpg - Island Boy T-Shirt White

red%20island%20boy.jpg - Island Boy T-Shirt Red

IMG_5693.JPG - Samuel Dalembert NBA basketball player (Citizen of The World T-Shirt)

wyclef%20iRep%20Africa.jpg - Wyclef Jean wearing iRep Africa t-shirt from AC Apparel

ac%20n%20jean%20pascal.jpg - AC with Haitian Boxer Jean Pascal.

http://aleechery.blogspot.com/ - Like & Share my page on Facebook from my blog

4ac.apparel@gmail.com - Contact me for any further inquiries.

https://lish.com/s/3gra/acapparel - Online Store


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