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Get To Know Frederik Hahn (DJ Haitian Star)

Frederik Hahn ( DJ Haitian Star ) still remains one of the hottest insider tips, even though he started deejaying in the mid-80`s. Since then the German artist with Haitian roots has been spinning all over the planet rock from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Scandinavia, USA, Canada as far as Dubai, whenever he`s not mastering the ceremony as the legendary MC Torch, who has already carved his way into European hip hop history, but doing “non rap hip hop”.

Haitian Star has been a driving force in hip hop since his arrival. He is an Innovator, building steps toward a credible culture “in the mix” and rejecting the commercial baggage that holds down so much creativity.

Even as a kid Haitian Star was fascinated by the secret of the turntables, when at the break of dawn of the early hip hop culture funk and disco DJ`s began to discover the art of cutting between the records. He was driven by his desire to overcome the inhibition level towards something beyond mainstream…and after a while touching records, using records, dealing with records, cutting between the records, spinning records got to be an all intensive thing for him. His passion for buying vinyl made him a real “Master of Records”.

As DJ “in the mix”, he refuses to be exclusively banned to the rap-floor. Exploring venues outside the genre, he feels at home everywhere, no matter, if he`s rocking the Rock Steady Anniversary in New York, the Jazz Festival Montreux, the International Battle of the Year, the Zulu Nation Anniversary in Belgium, any b-boy contest, techno-rave or an African roots Festival around the globe. His performances would take any underground hip hop, rock, jazz, electro or world music community by storm.

Over the years he has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, also joining his great examples Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash. In 1985 Bambaataa even crowned him the first german Zulu King and has been a close friend to him.

Following Bam`s motto: “the role of the DJ has to be progressive”, Haitian Star would dig in crates and look everywhere to find the perfect break for his parties, creating an alternative hip hop-style and thus preventing it from being a crumbling art form. Kicking off with moody up tempo-beats between 110 and 160 bpm, setting the tone by fusing funk, soul, rock, electro with oldschool rapand peppering it with finely chopped samples of Carribean zouk. Haitian Star remains unquestionably one of the most experimential DJ`s in the game. Borders do not exist. The rhymes flow like gravy and-to say it in his own words-colourfully reflect “just some power overdubbed future funk roots-rock-jazzy fusion with some synthetic scratched soul on vintage vinyl”

All in all the artist`s soulful performances are a real survival kit for poor urban junglists. His musical manifesto remains clear: DJ Haitian Star symbolizes a creative resistance full of irresistible vibes to all those being imprisoned by the ruling principles of mainstream.


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