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Haiti - Elections : First debate Manigat - Martelly

Haiti - Elections : First debate Manigat - Martelly
During the first debate of the presidential campaign, recorded at the Karibe Center, for broadcast tonight on radio and television in Haiti, the two candidates, and Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat, have saluted the memory of the two young billposters found dead Tuesday morning.

Mirlande Manigat has declared that "it is a big concern", referring to this event, stressing the need for a campaign of "civility"... Martelly, meanwhile, rejected the aggressive behavior of the electoral campaign, also marked by the "denigration" of another kind, which he suffered.

Michel Martelly, credited today in the BRIDE poll of 50.8% of voting intentions against 46.2% for Mirlande Mangat has called the people to "choose between a system 30 year old, and the change that he represents [...] the change is in their hands" has declared Martelly, saying that he symbolized the " honesty".

Mirlande Manigat said for her part, that the Haitians have a "unique country" that they must share. She promised that if she is elected President she will seek the "skills" in all the sectors [of the society] to address the problems of the Nation.

For the first 100 days in office of its eventual Government, the candidate Manigat stressed her priority to slow the cholera epidemic, to anticipate the emergency situations with the approaching of the hurricane season and reach the stability of the price.

For his part, the candidate Martelly has focused on the restoration of the authority of the state, the creation of the trust and the development of a plan to relocate hundreds of thousands of displaced people living under the tents since the earthquake of January 2010.

Addressing the theme of justice, Manigat calls for an effort to enforce laws, while Martelly estimates that for the moment there is no real judicial power, stressing the incomplete structures and the need in priority to fill this gap.

Mirlande Manigat, facing the challenges of the reconstruction, calls for the mobilization, underlining that this will require resources from the State, private sector and the international community.

For his part, Michel Martelly in front of the delays in the reconstruction, has insisted the fact that he will reassess the role of the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti (IHRC),

Both candidates pledged to pursue a program of infrastructure construction to promote the domestic production and the development of the Haitian economy.

In agricultural production, Mirlande Manigat said that she wants to combine the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and indigenous crops to increase productivity. Michel Martelly said for his part, that he will encourage the production of organic products in Haiti.

In terms of foreign trade, the candidate Martelly, deems necessary to protect the domestic production, while the candidate Manigat recommends the caution face to the free trade.

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