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Haiti - Vocational training : Graduation of 106 Yéle Corps students

Haiti - Vocational training : Graduation of 106 Yéle Corps students

The Yéle Corps Vocational Training program's [Yéle Haiti] first-ever graduating class will receive their diplomas today. Throughout their six months at Centre Polytechnique Esaïe Victor, students earned certificates in the three core trades of masonry, carpentry, and plumbing. Participants ages 18-34 were chosen through Yéle Haiti's job creation program, Yéle Corps. The educational knowledge and acquired skills gained are anticipated to play a major role in the future of Haiti.

Graduates of the Yéle Corps Vocational Training program have an increased likelihood of job placement. Yéle Haiti is helping these newly skilled men and women find employment with local businesses. CEO of Yéle Haiti, Derek Johnson said, "This effort is to provide a better opportunity for Haiti and its people. We firmly believe that all of the hard work from the students, Yéle Haiti and Centre Polytechnique Esaïe Victor will help to ensure stability in the future work history of the graduates."

Esaïe Victor, the Director of the school participants attended, explained the success of the program saying, "The partnership between the Centre Polytechnique Esaïe Victor and the Foundation Yéle Haiti was very effective: The students received the program with a lot of appreciation, they followed the course carefully. This partnership has allowed us to see how young people today are interested in acquiring knowledge. It was a good experience because students want me to continue to help Haitian youth. I must also say that all this was possible because of the support of the Yéle Haiti Foundation, whom I thank on behalf of all students and all the team of Centre Polytechnique Esaïe Victor. Now we have sound technicians for the reconstruction of the country. I want a continuation of this partnership for youth development in Haiti."

Student Simbert Samuel expressed his gratitude in participating in the Yéle Corps Vocational Training program. "I feel proud to have spent six months in training. All my life, I wish I had a manual occupation, but I had financial difficulties, I always wanted to be useful to my country to give the best of myself to be able to realize my dream. Thanks to the Yéle Haiti Foundation, I am now an experienced plumber; I have to thank them for their support, which now has an important meaning in the future."


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