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Misty Jean Famous (Haitian) Miss West Indies

Misty Jean was born in Haiti in February 1983, misty jean started performing at the early age of three with the dance institute of Lynn William Rouzier who thought her dance among other things.

Misty Jean started singing at the age of seven in amateur singing contests with Paul Villefranche Since then, her passion for music became an obsession.

Her mother being an actress, Misty Jean took advantage of each opportunity to improve her artistic performances while accompanying her mom. at « Roger Anglade » Senior High School where Misty Jean graduated, she became the school  leading vocalist and was named soloist of the choir Misty Jean became an instant neighborhood celebrity.

In 1998, Misty Jean took part at « la soiree magique de la guitare » with the very well known Haitian pianist Raoul Denis Jr. and the Widmaier brothers In 1999, Misty Jean is chosen by the leading Haitian cellular phone company «Haitel » to be their principal model in a major promotional campaign.

During the month of February 2001, Misty Jean flew to the island of Saint Marteen where she represented Haiti in the election of Miss West Indies


Many well known Haitians, Cape Verdians and Antillean artists contributed to the realization of this album They are: Zo, Jack Pina, Jacky Rapon, John Doane, Leila Chicot, Thierry Cham, Robert Martino, Sabine Francoeur, Roberto Martino, Sonia Dersion.


In november 2004, Misty Jean received the award of female singer of the year by « Ticket D'or » of Ticket Magazine in Haiti Her second solo album « Konpa A Gogo » contains the following songs : « Konpa A Gogo » Featuring : Kaysha, « Car Wash », « Paradi Lanmou », « Vin Pi Prem », Duo Avec Thierry Cham, « Koupe Dekale », « Pour Toujours » featuring : Ed Lozama, « Tout Doucement », « Li Pa Two Ta », « Camionette »

We also find the participation of artists such as Thierry Cham, Herly Jacques, Elie Lapointe, Marc Goncalves, Andre Dejean, Kaysha, Thierry Delannay, Laurent Ciceron, Ed Lozama, Valerie & Marie-paule Tribord, Robert Martino, Jean Claude Jean, Norman Johns.  A fan's Ccomment on Misty: "She's a good dancer and she's fine i really appreciate her. I think if she thinks she's going far. That's good"




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