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For some women they feel the need to look a certain way in other to appeal to society and to keep up with the Jones. For others it is a mean to stay true to trends and fashion. I was once that woman that felt the need to be with the norm. When I turned 25 years old I started to re evaluate my thinking process. I wanted to be more like my creature intended for me to look. I started to do away with extra steps to look european and I started to gravate to being more afro-centric. I cut my hair on August 2, 2010 so that I can achieve my natural look. I stop all the chemical damage I was doing to myself. No more coloring, bonding, glue, sewing of hair piecces, did away with giving my hard earn money to the arab stores that sell the African American dream hair. No more false lashes, and long and colorful nails. I have break free from the chains that had me bond and confused.


I now wear my natural hair....


I'm not encourage you to go outside looking un finish I am simply encouraging you to embrace your natural beauty. Be happy to be nappy....


Some women forget how they look...re discover yourself....


If you have a comment rather positive or negative feel free to share remember it is my journey not yours so create your own and become empower!

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Comment by Haitian All-Starz on February 23, 2011 at 10:33am
Nicely put. Tellem girl. Natural is making a come back.

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