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Technical Difficulties: When Management Gets Down To The Wire, Cable Management

IDF closet, Learn more about it.

IDF stands for Intermediate Distribution Frame which is a central area where the main console full of cables may be on a customer’s premises or central hub. From there the cables cross-connect user cable media to individual cable media that provide information to remote equipment a company or home that is wired with multiple electronics need to function smoothly. So it is the back end of all many see in a home or office. This area must be maintained so all electronics connected via auxiliary components may be managed.

Other possible uses or need for one are: Telephone exchange from a central office, a customer’s premises or residence, Wide Area Network (WAN), and also Local Area Networks (LAN). There are many applications for such wiring and the gist of it is to make all run smoother and keep wiring in check. This was just a brief and does not compare to all one must do to manage a IDF, but now you get an idea. Just my life and always feel free to ask questions.

This is my life, the life as a Haitian All-StarZ DJ, DJayCee the Engineer.

Be prepared for a real show only an engineer can bring to you.

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