Young Haitian professionals working towards lasting development.

What do you do when you see a need?  Fill it!  That is exactly what a group of young collegiate and professionals have done in Delmas. In Haiti there is a saying, “to do something by nails”.  Translated… trying to get something done with out the proper tools and frames.  Buteau and his friends put their heads together and developed a plan to address the lack of proper tools and help the community build a frame on which they could build lasting development. 


MOJECF- a French acronym translated to English means, the mobilization of the young people against the flails was created in 2006 and recognized by the Haitian government in 2008 as a nonprofit, humanitarian, Christian community organization.  MOJECF is committed to community education to combat the flails the youth of Delmas encounter every day of their life. 


Recently MOJECF has sponsored several community awareness programs to address environmental protection, communal hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis.  In partnership with CCHER (Center for Community Health Education and Research), Food for the Poor,  CONCERN,  Grace Children’s Hospital, guest speakers Dr. Blandine and Dr. Duc hundreds of Delmas citizens have been given the proper tools to develop a framework for lasting development.

Join with me to help spread the word, support them and pray for their successful continuation. 

Visit their web page and send them a note of congratulations.


The mobilization of the young people against the flails

Rue MarienT Delmas 31 #21 Port-au-Prince (W.I)


Tel.: (509)3441-0979

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