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17th Annual Haitian Compas Festival Is Today

by DJayCee - Jeff Ciceron 

                                               From Ticket Master - Haitian Compas Festival

As my day is already in swing, I bet the day of many engineers in South Florida has been in full swing. Imagine this is the seventeenth year of the Haitian Compas Festival that pays homage to so many legends while giving Compas musicians and artists of Haitian music genre's popular a platform to share their talent with the world.

Yes, thousands travel from all over the world to this major event.

Some quick bits of information:

Official Webiste: Compas Festival

Official Facebook: Compas Festival & Noel Cecibon Records

Best Spots to Get Tickets Every Year: Ticket Master

                                                         Kompa Events Tickets

Just Google Em: Haitian Compas Festival to see all the places to get information.

Back to much here in the NY as to Haitian Flag weekend theme events. This month of May is Haitian Heritage Month and we love to share it 365 but a bit harder of course now. I'm out, DJayCee.

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