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Technical Difficulties: Conference Room Set-Up

Last week was a busy week putting together a new mix and the work load was steady. This one project was setting up a conference room. Much can be learned as to how corporate America is changing. So much technology is used to connect and overcome language barriers.

Conferencing is a great way to get a group together. In these conference rooms, those who participate from other countries can be viewed on projectors or screens specific for the room. Neat to make it all function through use of technology that allow for translation via software used that one can use an ear pieces that as the presenter speaks they are listening in their respective language. Then there are the "Push to Talk" conference mics that as they speak in their native language the mic translates what is spoken into it. So much is overcome by technology.

TalkShoe is one great tool for the entrepreneur who is amassing an international team like Haitian All-StarZ, the DJ Coalition spreading love for the Haitian culture through music. We are international in make-up of DJ's and how we operate so conferencing comes in handy just not yet in a conference room such as this one I set up. Have a great day guys. DJayCee checking out!


TalkShoe Conferencing Community

Digital Conference Discussion System – Listen Technologies

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