April "Zoepreneur" of the Month: Chef Alain Lemaire aka Chef Lemaire

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HAY Online Interview of Chef Alain Lemaire aka Chef Lemaire

A few Sunday's ago, HAY Online Media had the pleasure of  interviewing April's "Zoepreneur", Mr. Alain Lemaire. We asked a whole bunch of questions and below we will sum it all up. Man we love interviewing such great "Giants".

Hailing from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Chef Lemaire grew up with a passion for cooking. As a child he would watch his mother cook and from there his love for it began. He was the tender age of 7 years old when he started helping out in the Kitchen. Here is when he learned to pay attention to cooking techniques. Church functions, parties and all to do with food was Chef Lemaire's bonding moments with his mother among other parent and child interactions growing up. Anybody cooking in the house was sure to find a young Alain watching and learning. Curiosity led into a career.

Before the great career comes preparation. Mr. Lemaire made up his mind during his Junior year in high school to become a Chef. His guidance down this path was a bit close to home since he had aspirations of getting into business or the hospitality industry. Ecole Hoteliere was where he was looking into going, but a chance visit to Johnson & Walesculinary program in North Miami Beach, Florida had him in love. The ongoing classes in session while he was visiting made his choice clear. They had the rooms set up with huge windows that allowed all who passed to see what was going on. Mr. Lemaire went with his mother, so he told his mom, "I am signing up for the culinary class." By that Winter in 2000 he was already in class and ready to go with his professional studies as a Chef.

Fast forward four years from the September 2000 visit to Johnson and Wales, he was already working with teaching chefs who had catering businesses. Better yet our "Zoepreneur" was serving it up at McDonalds in Miami as well while in school. The one on 119th and NW 7th Street in Miami, Fl. For those of you familiar with Miami that is another Zoe Central hub. So he put in that work while going to school to become a chef. This Mc-E-D's job helped off-set his cost of living on his own, while parents were in Haiti. He then went off to work for Compass Group who employs 400, 000 people in the United States alone. Chef Lemaire was Chef Manager there for 7 years before he resigned and became a Personal Chef. Now you can find him at almost all Culinary shows across South Florida and some national shows as well. The most resent was the Carna Fam 2013 event celebrating Haitian women in the arts, music, and so much more.

Now that Chef Lemaire is on board as a HAY Online Partner, we can now help many Haitian American youth out there with aspirations of becoming a chef or work in the hospitality industry. We love our professionals who pledge to help theHAY Online looking for help.

HAY Online Partner Feature

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