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Big Picture of Haiti: Monuments, Places, and more...

What can be the best summarizing picture of Ayiti's strength and glory? Maybe the fortress baptized " la Citadelle Laferrière " erected in the early 1800's by the hard work of about 20,000 people.

La Citadelle Laferriere

Photo credits: Remy Kaupp

The fortress was built under Henri Christophe's regime who
feared at that time a return of the French army to the free Haitian republic. Don't you think the Citadelle's majestic stance suggests that the emperor also wanted it to be a represention of the country's pride? Below, you can take a look at former life in downtown Port-au-prince...This was in front of the Haitian national palace. Another architectural beauty... The building endured severe damages on Tuesday 12, 2010 as a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the capital. Parts of the palace are now collapsed.

Port-au-Prince capture

Photo credits: M_Eriksson

The ruines of another palace are found in the north side of Haiti. We got to admit one truth about King Henri I ... He did leave us a lot to remember about his empire! Here's what's left ofthe Sans-Souci palace, his royal residence...

Sans-souci palace
photo by Gretchen Mahan

One of the best monuments in the world to represent freedom... The Haitian "runaway slave" statue: named " Nèg mawon" in Creole, or "Marron Inconnu" in French. A slave on one knee, blows into a conch while firmly holding a machette in his other hand. The masterpiece was sculpted by Albert Mongones and got him international recognition.

neg mawon runaway slave
Photo credits: Kafesukre

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