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Haiti - Elections : Mirlande Manigat in Cité Soleil, change of tone...

Haiti - Elections : Mirlande Manigat in Cité Soleil, change of tone...
The presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat, after launching her campaign Friday to Solino, was yesterday Monday at Cité Soleil, her second election rally in poor neighborhoods.

In front of a large crowd, surrounded by several children, the candidate has promised to tackle the problems of the classical and vocational education, of the health and the status of women, she spoke of alliances and of political reconciliation and committed, if she becomes President, to change the living conditions of the people living on the largest slum of Haiti, calling the voters to be guided by the tolerance, morality and love.

For his part, the Senator Evallière Beauplan in his speech, has invited the Haitian to imitate the Brazil and Argentina which have each elected a woman at the head of their country.

Unlike to the Solino meeting the candidate has begun to criticize his opponent [without never naming] "We do not govern a country with the feet, but with the head and the heart" she has repeated. Warning the people against [his opponent] with those unrealistic promises "Beware of those who say that all problems will be solved right away"

Youri Latortue recalled [also without naming him] that the rival candidate [Michael Martelly], has often been associated with former military and Duvalierists, and he would not be allowed to come into the sprawling slum of Cite Soleil if the former President Aristide was in Haiti today.

Some remarks, clearly indicate a change of tone and the opening of hostilities. In the coming days, the campaign may see a proliferation of attacks between the two candidates.

Article By HL/ HaitiLibre

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