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Haiti: From Slaves to Freedom to Total Chaos!

I was watching 60 minutes last night and they did a story on Wyclef Jean and Haiti. Wyclef does a lot for his birthplace and he’s getting respected for it as he should.

For those of you that don’t know, Toussaint L’ouverture won his war. He was a Haitian slave. He formed the slaves on the island of Haiti to band together and revolt against their slave master’s the French. The slaves won they defeated their French slave masters and Haiti won it’s independence from France.
They were the first blacks in the western hemisphere to do this. They were the first blacks in this part of the world to tell their white slaves masters to fuck off. The white world wasn’t having that. In others words no country (England, Spain, France, USA) was going to trade with them.

All the other surrounding islands (West Indies) still were slaves. Haiti was all alone they had no one to buy their sugar cane, rice, and other exports. they were screwed.
Throughout time dictators have held the high ground of this beautiful island that we call Haiti. The world hundreds of years later has tried to help Haiti, but they already know that the damage is done. Haiti is the poorest place in the western hemisphere and it’s also the most dangerous.

A personal friend of mine took a trip to Haiti for a business venture, the deal eventually fell through. I asked him, ” how was your trip to Haiti” he said, “it was not a vacation.” After seeing 60 minutes last night I know he wasn’t lying, and Wyclef you are doing a good job. We encourage you all to donate to the Yele Foundation.

I personally think Wyclef Jean should become the Prime Minister of this Caribbean island Haiti don’t you?
Seeing a celebrity giving from the heart and not needing applause is what giving and sharing is all about. Only few will do this and they must be recognized for their generosity. It’s all a part of your climb up the Ladder Of $ucce$$

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