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Carimi band is a nine-member Haitian musician mainly playing Kompa genre. Before all the members were put together as one, It all begun with the passion of three friends who met in New York. Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mickael Guirand are all Haitian citizens who each decided to leave their homeland because of uncertainty in Haiti.

Driven by the same passion to create music the three created the Carimi band which its name derived from the first two letters of the three members. In 2001, they came with their first single titled Ayiti Bang, Bang. It became an instant hit because it reflects the situation of their homeland, Haiti. The Carimi band was later recognized in the international music industry specifically in Haiti, Paris, Canada and some other parts of Europe. As evidence to the popularity and the talents of the Carimi Band, their album was highly acclaimed as Album of the Year.

Now, they were considered to be one of the best Haitian Kompa musicians of all time according to www.ToutMizik.com, a site that mainly recognized the works of the Haitian musicians. The www.ToutMizik.com also is the best source of Carimi music videos and MP3’s and other Haitian music specifically the Haitian Kompa genre.

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