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Haitian Kompa music will forever be in the hearts of Haitian people wherever they go. Not only that, even non Haitian people have learned to recognized and even appreciate the Haitian music. In fact, there are plenty of Haitian musicians who haven’t lost their touch as a maestro even for a long period of time. The best epitome is the Zenglen Band, a five member-group of Haitian Kompa musician.

The Zenglen Band started their journey in Haiti on the 1980. Then, they made great Kompa music that lasted for more than twenty years. Up until now, the master pieces of the Zenglen will be forever recognized as one of the best Kompa musicians of all time as shown in www.ToutMizik.com where the only place you could find the best Haitian music. In fact, just last year or 2009, the Zenglen had celebrated their 20 years of existence as a band.

This only proves that the people cannot get enough of Zenglen and Haitian music. Haiti Music, two decades of making great music is more than enough to prove that the band members of Zenglen are one of the best Haitian musicians to ever live and will continue to make fantastic and meaningful music as long as the public still wants them.

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