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Haiti - Jacmel : High-tension within the justice...

Haiti - Jacmel : High-tension within the justice...
Me Françoise Moraille and Me Franck Lauture two alternate commissioners to the prosecution of Jacmel are at "daggers drawn" with the government commissioner Vladimir Yayo for several days. This situation occurred after the two substitutes have sent a letter to Mr. Vladimir Yayo concerning their suspension of work and require to the haitian State 15 months of wage arrears and they will continue to run for office.

Me Vladimir Yayo, after receiving of this letter, has decided to change the locks of the doors giving access to the offices of the substitutes, a decision that has angered the latter, who spent the end of last week, without being able to enter in their office.

Early on the morning of Tuesday, February 22, Me Françoise Moraille and Me Franck Lauture, have used a cabinetmaker to change the doors and replace them with two new, what prompted the government commissioner to attempt to arrest the cabinetmaker for an offense.

In an interview with the press Wednesday, Franck Lauture said that since the arrival of Mr. Vladimir Yayo at the head of the prosecution, the latter behaved like the lord of the Commissioners "Me Vladimir Yayo is a problem for the proper functioning of the judicial system of Jacmel, is a bad collaborator" clarified Me Lauture, indicating that he would change the locks, as long as the Commissioner would continue to show this behavior.

Asked about this, Me Vladimir Yayo said it was an administrative decision control all staff members of the prosecution. In addition he indicated that the substitutes had decided to resume work Tuesday, February 22, however he refuses to give them records, previously requiring a "letter" [contents unknown] from the substitutes...

Recall that on February 14 last, during a press conference, Me Jean Maxon Samedi, the investigating judge of the Court of First Instance of Jacmel, had denounced corruption existing within the jurisdiction of Jacmel. "Justice is on sale in the region, some judges and lawyers of the bar are involved in fraud. They do not see me with a good eye" speaking unequivocally of a network of criminals who operate within the judicial system of Jacmel.

Monday, February 21, 2011, or 7 days after his statements, rumors circulated through the streets of the city announcing the death of the Judge Maxon Samedi. According to information gathered from relatives of the judge, at the court, Jean Maxon Samedi was assaulted "by an invisible hand" while he was going to take his shower. This information has created some panic at the court. According to the latest information, the judge would be with a hougan in a critical condition.

Article By HL/ Claudy Bélizaire

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