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(La Colombe Hotel) My Haiti Travels By @MyHaitiTravels

A Sanctuary in the Middle of Chaos

A local relative took me here, not too far from the Toussaint L’ouverture Airport this hidden gem is in the middle of a bustling City center. Don’t let the neighborhood scare you, once you pull up the gravel driveway you will feel like you are in a different world. You will ask yourself, is this Haiti?

This Villa style hotel/restaurant offers the ideal first meal in Haiti, my first time there I devoured the tasso cabrit, grios (the Haitian staple) is always available, as well as the poisson rouge (red snapper). The decor is dated, however, once you leave the main dining room and exit to the back you’ll discover a little oasis that welcomes you to sit and take in AYITI.

I was shocked to walk out and find an inviting pool with striking mountain views. I had no choice but to sit and reflect, sit and think of the potential, sit and think of why my people are suffering, sit and wonder why there aren’t more Haitians visiting Haiti, sit and take in the moment, sit and realize that if you didn’t have to you would never leave.

Last time there my friends and I discovered Rhum Punch; let’s just say it was a great discovery. Who knew Haiti had her own Rhum Punch.

If you want a non-pretentious place where you can grab a quick affordable lunch, take a dip in a nice pool, stop at La Colombe you will not regret it.


Article provided by @MyHaitiTravels

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